Newspapers & Briefings


In a calendar year, there are key events that take place nationally, regionally and globally in the campaign against illicit small arms and as a matter of public awareness. SRIC has been writing Newspaper Articles for awareness raising and information dissemination on the extent and scope of the magnitude of the problem of small arms proliferation. Articles will be posted on line in the future.

Publications in the series Kenya Crime Survey are partly newspaper based content analysis. SRIC cuts out every newspaper article that reports on crime in the country. Even though a cumbersome process, newspaper content analysis has been useful in the absence of other sources of crime data and information. Through content analysis as detailed in Kenya Crime Survey publications, SRIC has been able to provide useful hints on the crime trend in the country. Newspaper crime analysts have been quoting SRIC's published research findings in article write-ups. Several journalists also visit SRIC Staff for interviews on a wide range of topic relating to security sector dynamics particularly on the problem of small arms proliferation and crime trend in the country.

Research data and information detailing conflict and crime in the countries of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa have been conducted and analyzed to some extent. It is anticipated that at least one such publication will be ready for circulation.


TAs a Research Centre, SRIC has accumulated a wealth of Resources in the Library. The Resources have been effectively used as reliable sources of data and information on a wide range of issues relating to small arms, crime, conflict, and peace and security sector dynamics. Scholars and Researchers visit the Library while on research and study missions.

SRIC conducts briefs to inform Scholars, Researchers, the Media and Diplomatic corps who visit the Library for briefs on conflict related issues covering the sub-regions of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa. Regular updates are posted on a Conflict Map for briefing purposes.