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Crime Trends and Typologies

SRIC is currently engaged in the survey and publication of data on crime with in firearm-related crime incidents, though we are moving beyond this focus to analyze even more crime types. The motivation for this was the absence of official statistics on crime from the public domain, and the urgent need to share such information with researchers, civil society, government and the public, who are the primary victims of crime. This would be of great value in explaining the rise in crime over the years, and its trends.

Although so far published work on the crime survey has been mainly on the Kenya Crime Survey (KCS) series, it is projected that the analysis of Ugandan crime trends over the years 2003 to 2006 was published in September 20007. The first product of a collective analysis of crime trends in the entire East Africa sub-region was produced in March 2008.

Appreciating the dynamism, diversity and complexity of crime, SRIC is engaged in addressing organized crime, human trafficking and terrorism in its research given the widespread impact these can have (or have had) on our region.

SRIC has strategic partnership with other players in the security sector in the region such as governments, police, and private security companies in order to enrich our work on crime typology and trends in the region. Part of this involves influencing policy on crime prevention, and building the capacities of stakeholders in community policing and crime prevention.


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