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1. A study of crime in urban slums in Kenya: The case of Kibra, Bondeni, Manyatta and Mishomoroni slums, 2014.

2. Nairobi Metropolitan Area: Annual Crime Observatory Report 2012/2013.

3. The Northern Frontier: Nature and Dynamics of Conflict in Marsabit County.

4. Nairobi Regional Annual Crime Observatory Report 2011/2012.

5. The Reform Process in Kenya: A survey of Citizens Knowledge, Attitude and Perceptions of the Reform Process.

6. "Power Play and Policy in Kenya: An Interdisciplinary Discourse".

7. "Private Security in Kenya".

8. "Crime Trends and Typologies in Kenya" - 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Editions, culminating in the publication of three widely acclaimed and extensively quoted annual "Kenya Crime Survey" series for the four-year project duration.

a) Crime Trends and Typologies in Kenya - 2001 Edition.

b) Crime Trends and Typologies in Kenya - 2002 Edition.

9. Terrorized Citizens: Proofing Small Arms and Insecurity in the North Rift of Kenya.

10. Peace,Security and Development: An Agenda for the North Rift Region of Kenya.

11. "Modules for a training Curriculum on Community based Policing in Kenya" (Volume 1, 2004).




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