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About  SRIC

SRIC is an independent non-profit making think tank, committed to providing data and information on human security and security sector dynamics in Kenya and the sub-region of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa.


SRIC's mission statement reflects the Organisation's values: To Influence and contribute to positive change in the Security Sector Dynamics of Kenya and the sub-region of the Great Lakes and the Horn of  Africa.

SRIC supports this mission by conducting primary applied research, through policy facilitation aimed at the transformation of the security sector, and the provision of verifiable data and information on key security areas through the development of crime typology and armed violence trends in the sub-region. SRIC maintains a dedicated electronic database and a rich resource centre accessible to government officials, researchers and the media.


To have a peaceful country and sub-region free of all tools of violence in particular firearms through enhanced partnership between respective communities, all stakeholders and the law enforcement agencies especially the police.

Community Service

In conducting research and disseminating the research findings, it is our commitment to give a feed back to the public on crimes reported, provide statistical data and information on crime trend as well as influence policy and decision making processes in Kenya.

The Organization is headed by an Executive Director, who is assisted by a Programmes Coordinator and a team of researchers to implement the various projects/programmes, as well as other support staff.

The Organization was founded to address a gap in the knowledge on crime trend in the country as well documented statistical data and information on the scope and magnitude of the problem of small arms and light weapons and security sector dynamics in Kenya as well as the sub-region of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa.

Armed with military security knowledge and experience, "Late Lt Col (Rtd.) JAN Kamenju"  and (Rtd.) Col Jerry Kitiku were well positioned to set Security Research and Information Centre with the view to fill the gap. Since, SRIC has been growing steadfastly. It has been the dream of the Management as well as that of entire SRIC Staff to not only provide statistical data and information on crime and security sector dynamics in Kenya but also in the sub-region of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa.

SRIC draws its staff from a wide range of academic disciplines; diplomacy and international relations, political science, conflict management and peace studies, philosophy, economics, statistics, business administration and secretarial. The wide scope of knowledge contributes to the Team Spirit that SRIC seeks to continue enhancing.

The Team of Researchers consist of three Working Teams; the Team in the Library is made of four Researchers who diligently work as a Team on Research and Publications but also primarily contribute towards other major functions of the organisation particularly KANSA, Community Based Policing, District Peace Committee Initiatives, PTN and related networking and facilitation activities.

Another Team Works on Consultancy basis mainly on Small Arms related issues, Security Sector Reforms and International Processes like GPPAC and the Great Lakes Conference. The Directors lead the above Teams and practically contribute in the activities and processes. A very competitive Administrative Team plays their roles respectively and supports the Researchers.


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