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Robbery cases

NYERI COUNTY: Armed robbers attacked Karatina businesswoman and her husband on their way home. The standard Newspaper. Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Page 3.

NYERI COUNTY: A gang of four robbers armed with Ceska pistol raided the home of a Nyeri-based businessman and shot him on Saturday, 9/1/2016, night at around 10pm. Nyeri Assistant County Commissioner confirmed the incident saying the gang shot the man near the ear and that he was rushed to Outspan Hospital with bullet still lodged in the body. They made away with Sh20,000 and two mobile phones. Sources revealed that the businessman has been attacked four times now by robbers in a span of five months.The Standard Digital Online News, 11/1/2016.

NAIROBI COUNTY: A group of five armed men broke into ODM Party headquarters in Nairobi and stole computers on Monday, 23/11/2015, morning. Two guards who were on duty say they were overpowered by the gang before gaining access into the property. Kilimani Police Boss confirmed the incident saying the initial investigations indicates that the third guard colluded with the robbers. ODM Executive Director believes that the robbers were after information than anything else after it was realized they took away all computers that contained vital party information. The Star, online news. 23/11/2015.


MIGORI COUNTY: A prominent cattle trader was seriously injured and robbed of unknown amount of money after he was attacked by the robbers who are believed to have trailed him from his house in Mabera, Kuria West Sub-County, on Thursday, 12/11/2015. Migori Police Boss confirmed the incident saying the man was attacked by robbers armed with machete. The incident occurred barely two days after four suspected robbers were shot dead by police as they tried to break into shops in Kehancha Town within the sub-county. Daily Nation, Friday November 13, 2015. Page 18.


MURANG’A COUNTY: Three armed gang raided Murang’a County Assembly offices and stole property of unknown value. Police confirmed the incident saying the gang armed with a pistol broke into the offices in Murang’a Town on Wednesday, 11/11/2015, night and made away with computers and mobile phones. The gang also broke into an insurance company and stole a file containing crucial information. Daily Nation, Friday November 13, 2015. Page 26.


NAIROBI COUNTY: A bodyguard attached to one of the nominated senator shot and wounded one of the criminal gang who attempted to rob him his gun in Nairobi's Ngei estate as he walked to his residence on Wednesday, 2/9/2015, night. Police who confirmed the incident said the suspect is admitted in hospital with a bullet wound in the neck. Starehe OCPD also confirmed the incident saying the criminals, who wanted to rob police officer of his gun and other valuables, pinned down the victim before he surprised them by shooting at one. It later emerged that the gang was armed with a toy pistol. The Standard Newspaper. Friday, September 4, 2015. Page 22.


NAIROBI COUNTY: A woman was shot and wounded in a Supermarket robbery in Kayole, Nairobi, on Sunday, 30/8/2014, night. According to police, a gang of three raided Fortune Supermarket and ordered all customers to lie down and surrender their valuables and cash at about 8pm incident. Kayole OCPD confirmed the incident saying the woman, the proprietor of the supermarket, was shot in the hip after she tried to resist. The Standard Newspaper. Tuesday, September 1, 2015. page 9.

KIAMBU COUNTY: Three suspected robbers, two men and a woman, were shot dead on Friday, 17/7/2015, morning by police near Gulf Petrol Station in Ruiru, Kiambu County. The thugs are reported to have engaged police in a shootout soon after stealing gas cylinders from the petrol station. Police recovered a stolen car, gas cylinders, and a pistol. Citizen Tv online news, Monday, 17/7/2015.


NAKURU COUNTY: Police in Nakuru say 2 suspects who were gunned down on Monday, 22/6/2015, have been identified as hardcore criminals who had pending robbery cases before a Nakuru court. Nakuru Divisional Police Commander said the two were facing robbery charges and had been released on bond pending hearing and determination of their cases. Sunday Nation Newspaper, June 28, 2015. Page 30.

NAIROBI COUNTY: A matatu plying Githurai route was hijacked by a gang and diverted to Baba Dogo area where they robbed passengers of their valuables and unknown amount of money before leaving them in dark alley on Sunday, 31/5/2015, night. Four armed gunmen are believed to have posed as passengers before they struck robbing the passengers. The incident left one passenger wounded in the head after he was hit with a gun butt. The Standard Newspaper, Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

NAIROBI COUNTY: Unknown number of thugs stormed into a businesswoman's home in Muthaiga for the second time this year and robbed her of property worth over half a million: Gold worth sh120,000, two television sets, two play stations, a diamond watch, an iPhone and 800 euros. The incident happened on Wednesday, 27/5/2014, at 3am. The gang first poisoned her four dogs before breaking into the house. Police who confirmed the incident are holding four guards who were on duty for questioning since they did not raise an alarm. No arrests have been made. The Star Online News, Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

NAIROBI COUNTY: A gang of four armed men tried to forcefully gain entry into the compound of the National Land Commission Chairman Muhamad Swazuri. Police are investigating the 2 am incident where Swazuri’s armed body guard (an AP who was on duty) shot and killed one of the suspected intruders and injured another one as they sped off from the compound. The four were in a Probox car and asked to be let into the compound to drop Swazuri’s guest before two of them alighted and grabbed a guard who was leading them the way and pressed him to the ground asking which VIP lived in that compound as they tried to tie his hands. Standard Digital, Thursday, October 9, 2014.

NAIROBI COUNTY: Four suspected thugs shot dead by Police in Nairobi on Monday (29/9/2014) morning in three separate incidents. Police on patrol rushed to the scene after an alarm was raised and shot dead two of the six suspects, the other four escaped on foot, after they broke into an electronic shop and tried to steal goods. A third suspect was killed in Kayole in a mugging spree, four of his accomplice escaped on foot when an alarm was raised alerting police on patrol. The fourth suspect was shot in Pnagani and a pistol found on him in botched robbery. This comes at a time when police appear to be overwhelmed ny rising cases of armed robbbery in the city. The Standard Newspaper, Tuesday September 30, 2014. Page 5.

NAIROBI COUNTY: A four gang armed with pistols raided an Mpesa shop at the Ground floor of Gilfilan House, along Banda Street on Thursday (25/9/2014). There was a drama as gunmen couldn’t shoot but splashed money to a mob to allow them escape from an Mpesa shop where they had robbed Sh1.4 million after the shop attendant pursued them outside shouting for help from the members of the Public.

Witnesses confirmed that one of the gunmen grabbed by the mob fetched a bundle of notes from a paper bag and splashed to the blood-baying mob to enable him escape. His quick calculation succeeded when the crowd abandoned him and dashed for the notes. The woman who screamed for more help went ahead to pursue them for another 50 meters away where they splashed more cash near Bazaar Plaza diverting the attention of the group that was pursuing them. The gang made their way as they mingled with other pedestrian along Moi Avenue. The Standard Digital Thursday, September 25, 2014.

NAIROBI COUNTY: Former female police officer was shot dead by police in a botched robbery in Kayole, Nairobi, on Monday (1/9/2014) night. A police communication gadget and a pistol recovered from her. The woman is believed to have been linked to a number of robbery incidents in the city before she was cornered by police in 1 am planned robbery. Nairobi Police boss confirmed the incident saying they found a pocket phone on her and a number of valuables believed to have been stolen. The Standard digital, Tuesday September 2, 2014.

NAIROBI COUNTY: Three suspected criminals were gunned down by police officers outside Gigiri Java House along Limuru Road on Wednesday (27/8/2014) afternoon. 2 guns with 9 bullets and handcuffs recovered on them.

KAJIADO COUNTY: A suspected thug was killed in botched robbery at a home on Tuesday (26/8/2014) in Ong’ata Rongai. Police confirmed the incident saying the suspect was in the company of three others and had tried to rob a motorist of her car when an alarm was raised. The officers on patrol managed to rush and killed one suspect and recovered part of the stolen property while the accomplices escaped on foot. The Standard Digital, Tuesday August 26, 2014.

KIRINYAGA COUNTY: Four suspected gangsters were shot dead in Karatina town on Monday (25/8/2014) after they raided a wholesale shop in Kagio market. An AK47 and a modified Patchet rifle both loaded with several rounds of ammunition were recovered on them. The Standard Digital, Monday August 25, 2014.

KWALE COUNTY: Three police officers were wounded and robbed of a gun in a machete attack at a homestead in Kinango on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. The suspect had been arrested and was to be interrogated by the officers before he attacked them with a machete when they accompanied him to his house and did away with an AK 47 rifle loaded with 30 bullets. Kinango OCPD said they later, on Thursday August 14, 2014, re-arrested the suspect and weapon recovered.The Standard online, Thursday, August 14, 2014.

NAIROBI COUNTY. Five suspected thugs were shot dead by police on Thursday, July 3, 2014 in two different incidents and two pistols recovered. Four of the thugs shot and injured a businessman in Nairobi before they were shot and one pistol belonging to a policeman found on them. The standard online.

NAIROBI COUNTY. Three motorcycle riders were lynched by angry mob after they had attacked and robbed a woman, a university student, of her mobile phone on Saturday July 5, 2014, at about 8pm in Kileleshwa. The female student screamed and the public turned on the attackers, killing two while the third one escaped on foot. They later set the motorbike on fire. It was noted that attacks by men on motorbikes is on rise in Kileleshwa. The standard online.

UASIN GISHU. Three men were killed Monday, June 9, 2014, after thugs broke into a church in Eldoret town. Two of the three killed were night guards at Neno Evangelist Centre and the third was a relative to one of the guards. Thugs went away with two television sets and a sound mixer and a woofer from the church office. The Standard online news. Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

MOMBASA COUNTY. Three people died in an explosion at Mwembe Tayari bus stage in Mombasa on Saturday (3/5/2014) evening when twin terror attacks were reported in the coastal town. Reports shows that the attacker(s) targeted a parked bus belonging to Chania Bus Services with what is believed to be a hand grenade hurled from the back side of a stationary bus. The driver of the bus said he saw a man hurling what appeared to be a hand grenade from a car towards commuters at the crowded bus stage and sped towards Saba Saba along Kenyatta Avenue. Report shows the bus had just arrived from Nairobi and passengers were disembarking.

Earlier, an explosion believed to have been caused by a remote-controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) on the beach behind Reef Hotel in Mombasa injured a man as he fled the scene. In the hotel incident, reports showed that a group of beach boys alerted the management of the Reef Hotel that someone had left a contraption with cables on the beach behind the hotel.

Security sources said the explosion at Reef Hotel and reports of a bomb in Nyali appeared to have been designed as a diversion in order to stage the attack at Mwembe Tayari bus station. Separately, police evacuated the Nyali Shopping Complex in Nyali following false reports that explosives had been planted in a cinema hall. The Standard on Sunday, May 4, 2014. Page 8.

MANDERA COUNTY. Police shot dead two men who attempted to vandalize a power station in Mandera town and recovered an AK 47, 145 bullets, five magazines and several Improvised Explosive Devises (IED) in Thursday 1/5.2014. Saturday Standard, May 3, 2014. Page 8.

MAKUENI COUNTY. Three gangsters armed with axes, pangas and machetes on Monday, 5/5/2014, morning, 2am, raided the home of Johanes Mutuku Ndege in Muiu Village, Sakai Sub-Location in Mbooni East district  and made away with Sh37, 000 in cash and two mobile phones. The gangsters gained entry into the house by breaking the windows using iron bars and steal cutters. The area of incident is about 15 kilometres from Mbumbuni police station. Daily Nation. Tuesdaay, May 6, 2014. Page 19.

NAIROBI COUNTY. An Administration Police officer and five civilians have been arrested on Monday, 28/4/2014, in connection with a botched robbery in Baba Dogo. Police found a home-made pistol on the suspects and a vehicle believed to have been stolen. The policewoman, who was in uniform, is based at Mbeere South AP headquarters. Police said it was not clear why the constable was armed with a home-made pistol and outside her area of jurisdiction.

Instances of police officers being involved in crime has gone high. On Thursday, 24/4/2014, a corporal from the Criminal Intelligence Unit was arrested after violently robbing a businessman of Sh150, 000 and mobile phone. The officer still at large withdrew Sh15, 750 from Mr Shadrack Kimani Waitheria's M-Pesa account. Daily Nation. Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Page 8.

KAJIADO COUNTY. A suspected thug was on Sunday, 27/4/2014, morning killed by mob in a botched robbery . The suspect was in the company of three others and had attacked a petrol station in Ngong town where they tried to steal gas cylinders and other valuables when an alarm was raised.

Mean while, in RUARAKA - NAIROBI COUNTY a night guard was on Saturday 26/4/2014, morning killed and two injured in robbery at Kenya Breweries.

And , in SARIT CENTER - NAIROBI COUNTY. A guard was Sunday, 27/4/2014, morning shot and seriously wounded during a robbery attempt. The guard was shot in the back after he tried to block a gang of four from attacking a motorist who was driving into the mall. Witness and police said the motorist was being screened at the entrance when a gang that had been waiting nearby struck and tried to force their way into the car. This prompted the guard at the entrance of the mall to try and save the motorist from being attacked, other guards said.

Police said a scuffle ensued and one of the thugs shot a guard before they escaped on two motorbikes as the guard was rushed to hospital. Daily Nation. Monday, April 28, 2014. Page 20.

NAIROBI COUNTY: Five suspected robbers were on Monday, 14/4/2014, night shot dead in separate botched robbery incidents in Nairobi and weapons found on them. The first incident happened in Tena estate where four suspects on a mugging spree were shot dead. Two firearms were recovered from them. One of the slain thugs had an AK 47 rifle.

A fifth suspect was killed in Muthama, Dagoretti where another gang had been mugging residents. Police are also carrying out investigation to the killing of another man whose body was found lying next to his two loaves of bread he had bought in Kinoo area, Nairobi. The man was alleged to have been shot dead on Monday night by unknown gunmen who escaped without stealing anything from him. The Standard. Wednesday April 16, 2014. Page 10.

NAIROBI COUNTY. Police shot dead three suspects after they robbed the management of a petrol station in Ruiru, Kiambu County of Sh2 million on Monday, 14/4/2014. They were killed at Sunton, where they tried to hide in houses that are under construction. police said they recovered Sh100 000, which was part of the Sh2 million that had been robbed from the petrol station. police also recovered home made gun and four bullets. Kasarani Police boss said eight men had raided the petrol station in the morning hours and robbed the attendants before escaping in two different groups. On group drove towards Thika while the other towards Kasarani. The Standard. Tuesday April 15, 2014. Page 8.

NAIROBI COUNTY. Two women raided a Jewellery shop in the Central Business District in Nairobi on Tuesday, 8/4/2014, afternoon and robbed attendants of jewellery valued at Sh250, 000.

The criminals had posed as customers of the shop along Standard Street before they were joined by a man at about 3.45 pm, who drew a pistol. They ordered all those present in the shop to lie down before they took the jewellery and cash and stuffed them into a bag. Central OCPD said the gang then ordered a manager to open the CCTV recording room where they confiscated the video of their activities. The Standard. Thursday April 10, 2014. Page 18.

MAKUENI COUNTY. Armed gangsters on Tuesday, 1/4/2014, night raided a livestock trader's home in Kathonzweni district, Makueni County, and robbed him of Sh 150,000 and two mobile phones worth Sh 12,000. The victim was seriously injured during the 11pm attack. Daily Nation. Thursday, April 3, 2014. Page 24.

KAJIADO COUNTY. Samburu East MP Raphael Letimalo was shot and injured by thugs who raided his home at River Bank estate in Ongata Rongai.

According to Ongata Rongai OCPD, the legislator lost two mobile phones and Sh 30, 000 in the 9 pm incident. The gang of three armed with two pistols forced their way into the compound immediately the legislator entered the compound. The MP was not having his body guard at the time. He was only accompanied by his driver. One of the guard said that as he was closing the gate after his car entered the compound, three men rushed in and two of them pointed pistols at the window and ordered them to get out. MP and driver were then ordered to lie on the pavement as they ransacked his car and left without accessing the house. Daily Nation. Sunday, March 30, 2014. Page 3.

NYERI COUNTY. Three armed robbers attacked a bar in Tetu, Nyeri County on Monday 23/3/14 night and stole money and electronic gadgets of an unknown value. Gang armed with an AK 47, the robbers ordered the more than 50 revelers to surrender their money, mobile phones and identity cards, before speeding off in a stolen vehicle.

Police who were on a routine managed to respond in time following a tip off from members of the public. Nyeri OCS Raphael Gaa said they engaged in a shoot out with criminals before they abandoned the car near a bush and escaped. Police recovered a Barletta pistol abandoned in the car. Nyeri OCPD said police are liaising with the Chief Firearms Licensing Office to get more details of the initial owner of the pistol, although some sources privy to investigation claimed the pistol belonged to a County Commissioner who was robbed months ago when on a visit to Nyeri. Nyeri OCPD said the gang is believed to have been carrying out criminal activities within Nyeri and its environs.

Else where in Naivasha, two suspects including a teenager were lynched by members of the public in Naivasha at the weekend over allegations of robbery.  Two of their colleagues escaped death narrowly during the incident in Mirera estate, 10 kilometers from Naivasha town.

Armed with all manners of crude weapons, irate residents cornered the four early in the morning accusing them of the increased cases of house burglary in the area. The Standard. Monday March 24/3/14. Page 8.

NYERI COUNTY: A gang of four men attacked a businessman, his wife and three workers leaving them seriously injured after the were beaten up and doused with petrol that then set them ablaze at their Kagongo Village of Nyeri County on Thursday, 27/3/2014, morning. According their son, the gang wanted money and when they were not satisfied with the amount, they decided to set them ablaze. Daily Nation, Friday March 28,2014. Page 20.

MURANGA COUNTY: A gang of three men armed with 2 assault rifles stormed Kangema Health Centre and stole an Ambulance. The three men gained entry into the health facility and ordered the watchman to surrender before they drove off in the ambulance which after hours of search, was recovered in a ditch in Kigumo district after the gang lost controlled and rolled. The Standard. Wednesday, March 12th, 2014. page 28.

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