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Inter-Community Disputes.

NAKURU COUNTY: One man killed, scores injured and tens of houses set on fire in Kosovo, Naivasha, as Kalenjin and Maasai communities clash over control of the ADC Farm on Saturday, 20/2/2016. Tension is high and police are deployed. The Star online. Monday, February 22, 2016.

KISII COUNTY: Tension is high along the Trans Mara-Kuria border after a 30-year-old man was shot dead and his brother suffered serious gunshot wounds on his left leg after they were attacked by a group of Maasai youths on Monday, 15/2/2015. Police confirmed the incident saying the attack occurred when the two brothers from Biasamu Location, Kuria East Sub-County, went to cultivate a parcel of land in Magena, Trans Mara West. Daily Nation, Wednesday February 17, 2016. Page 28.

NAKURU COUNTY: Tension is high in the volatile area of Kosovo, Naivasha, after three communities, the Maasai one side against the Kikuyus and Kipsigis, clashes over one of the largest farms in the area.  The fighting that started on Monday evening led to lose of property worth thousands of shillings before of armed police officers sent to the area.  This is not the first time the three communities have clashed over the land that is part of the endangered Eburru Forest.  The standard Newspaper. Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Page 2.


MANDERA COUNTY: Nine people have been confirmed dead after inter-clan clashes between the Murulle and Marhan clans in Arabia area on Wednesday, 1/7/2014, evening. The nine were killed in a fierce gun battle which also left three others injured. Confirming the incident, Mandera County Commander is said to have dispatched a contingent of security personnel to the scene to overcome the situation. Citizen Online news, Tuesday July 2, 2015.


LAIKIPIA: At least 10 herders killed while scores sustained gunshot wounds in Ngwesi II Conservancy- Laikipia ranch, in Laikipia-Isiolo border after a clash between Laikipia residents and the pastoralists. About 20 heads of cattle were also shot dead during the confrontation. Laikipia North Deputy Commissioner on Tuesday, 9/6/2015, confirmed the incident saying they found four bodies but several others were eaten by wild animals overnight. The fight started on Monday, 8/6/2015, morning after the headers crossed into the conservancy with hundreds of their livestock and started shooting at security officers when they were ordered to leave the conservancy. Daily Nation online news, Wednesday, June 10, 2015.



BARINGO COUNTY: Armed raiders shot and seriously injured a police officer in Loruk border, Baringo County, on Monday, 1/6/2015, night. The officer who was rushed to Marigat Sub-District Hospital was shot at the waist as they battle out with the armed attackers. County security team said they received intelligence report on an impending retaliatory attack and decided to secure the shopping center that led to long night clash. Baringo County Senator asked President and his deputy to rise up to the occasion and end insecurity in the county and other parts of the country as he described insecurity in Baringo as wanting. The Standard online News, Tuesday June 2, 2015.

ISIOLO COUNTY: Five people were killed and at least 10 injured after pastoralists from Turkana and Samburu engaged in nine-hour gun battle over water in Attan, Isiolo County, on Tuesday, 26/5/2014. Isiolo Deputy Commissioner confirmed the incident saying that the four died at the scene while the wounded were taken to Isiolo Level Four Hospital. The fifth body was recovered at the scene today, Wednesday, 27/5/2015, morning. He added that security officers have been deployed to the area to avoid further clashes. Daily Nation online News. Wednesday, May 27, 2015.



TRANS-NZOIA/WEST POKOT COUNTIES: Two people killed in renewed community clashes along the border of Trans-Nzoia and West Pokot counties. Clashes were sparked by cattle rustling between the two communities. The Standard Digital, Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

KAKAMEGA COUNTY: Tribal clashes erupted in Kuvasali village between the Nandi and the Luhya communities, along the Nandi escarpment, leaving one person dead and more than four houses torched as residents flee their homes. The fight which began between two neighbours, one of them was killed and the other arrested, escalated into a boundary dispute that has led to tribal clashes between the two communities. The Standard, Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Page 6.

WEST POKOT: A 40-year-old man who was presumably searching for gold was shot dead by three warriors on Monday, September 22nd, 204, morning at Chepaoon Village in Sarmach area of Pokot Central in fresh gun fights on the border of West Pokot and Turkana County. Another middle aged man was shot in the stomach and wounded on Sunday September 21st, 2014, evening before the attacker varnished. Standard Digital, September 23rd 2014.

MANDERA COUNTY: The death toll from the inter-clan fighting in Rhamu Town, Mandera rose to six on Monday (25/8/2014). Inter-clan war that started on Thursday (21/8/2014) still leave dozens of families trapped inside their houses despite the fact that essential commodities are running out. Businesses as well remained closed from the time clan militia took over the town. The Standard Digital, Monday August 25, 2014.

TANA RIVER/KITUI COUNTIES: Three people were seriously injured after two communities living at the border of Tana River and Kitui counties clashed on Thursday, July 24, 2014, morning. The Orma were attacked and at Muthaa market in Mutomo District and 200 head of cattle they were going to sell stolen after a quarrel over animal trade. Three were shot with arrows by the Akamba. The Standard online news, Thursday, July 24, 2014.

WAJIR-MANDERA COUNTIES. 20 people were killed, five injured and Thirty five houses burnt down in renewed clan violence in the Wajir-Mandera county border on Saturday June 21, 2014, night. The killing is believed to have been triggered by the killing of two university students who were travelling from a farm in Mandera when they were attacked at Rhamu. This came after thirteen people were killed in violence between the two rival clans, Garre and Degodia, a month ago. Daily Nation online. Monday June 23, 2014.

GARISSA COUNTY. One person killed while others injured in inter-clan clashes at Qabobey village in Garissa County on Monday, June 16, 2014. This killing pushes the death toll to 11 in the past few months. According to Garissa County Commandant, Mr. Rashid Khator, unidentified gunmen opened fire after ambushing herders heading home from grazing. The old man who was killed is believed to have been gunned down while praying. The Standard online news. Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

TURKANA COUNTY. Two people killed while two others abducted and one seriously injured when armed bandits attacked the residents who were busy on their farm at Lowa area. The attack lasted for two hours before the attackers crossed to Pokot Forest. The Standard online news. Friday, June 13, 2014.

MANDERA COUTY. Residents flee Mandera as the clan war between Degodia and Garre intensify. Hundreds moved out from the clash-torn areas as one person killed in Rhamu town, the epicentre of the conflict among the two clans, on Friday, May 30, 2014. The Standard Online. Saturday, May 30, 2014.

WAJIR COUNTY. Raid on Degodia village, Wajir County, left 12 people killed and several houses torched on Thursday, May 29, as retaliatory attack between Garre militia and Gunan. The Garre militia allegedly attacked Gunan on a mission to avenge the death of 10 Garre people who were allegedly killed by Degodia bandits in Takaba Sub-County, Mandera, recently. The Standard online.

KERICHO-KISUMU COUNTIES: 8/3/14. Two people have been killed and six houses torched along the Nyakach-Kericho border following conflict between two neighbouring communities. The violence was executed at Ngege in Nyakach on Friday, 8/3/14, in an alleged retaliatory attack. In less than two weeks, 2 people have been killed in Nyakach. The Friday night attackers were believed to have originated from Kericho County and set ablaze four houses. The Friday night and Saturday morning,  the two communities engaged each other before police arrived. The Standard. Saturday, March 9, 2014.

TURKANA COUNTY. Armed raiders, believed to be Pokots, killed a herdsman and drove away 700 animals in a Village in Turkana County.  Another herdsman sustained gunshot  wounds in the Monday, 6/1/2014, attack at Lokwamusin village in Turkana East. Daily Nation. Wednesday 8/7/2014. Page 22.












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