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This programme pays attention to the un-packaging and implementation of international and regional instruments on small arms. The lead among them in our case is the Nairobi Declaration and Protocol on Small Arms and Light Weapons, which is in line with the United Nations Plan of Action against the proliferation of small arms and light weapons. Under this programme, SRIC in partnership with other stakeholders offers technical assistance to the Regional Centre for Small Arms and Light Weapons (RECSA) in the implementation of the sub-regional instruments on small arms and light weapons.

Activities under this programme include participation in and facilitation of member states’ meetings, members state experts’ meetings, establishment and training of National Focal Points (NFPs) in member states, technical guidance in the formulation and implementation of the National Action Plans (NAPs), civil society mobilization and networking in response to the regional instruments, public education and awareness-raising, among others.

Research is also an important pillar for this programme area, with the goal of spelling out the regional and national dynamics on SALW issues. The aim is to have the emanating data influence policy formulation and desired action on the researched areas and issues.

SRIC plans under this programme to pay attention to de-mining issues such as education and capacity building. This is in realization of the devastating impacts that mines have on lives of victims long after conflict are over and the need to have them cleared from the field. This is particularly important in view of the regional states emerging from conflict.


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